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Unlock Your Garage Door with Your Phone From Anywhere

Have you recently upgraded to smartphone systems? If so, you would have noticed how convenient and enjoyable life has become after making the switch. These systems allow you to control your entertainment systems, lightning, or other appliances without touching them. Thus, it greatly improves your home experience. Like these appliances, garage doors also come with remote controls. With the touch of a button, you can open or close them. These smart features also enable the use of a phone as a garage door opener. We’ll explain how.

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How can a smartphone be used as a garage door opener?

Your smartphone can be used to lock and unlock your garage doors. Buying a new garage door opener is unnecessary if you already have one. You’ll only need to install a smart garage door opener. If you don’t have a system yet, consider getting a smart garage door opener. A smart system lets you know when the door gets locked and unlocked, no matter where you are. There are different types, and they all have different features. Here’s how to use your phone as a garage door opener:

  • Compatibility 

Most smart garage door openers can work with Apple and Android. So if you use one of these, you can easily download the app. The android apps typically work with WiFi and Bluetooth. But most Apple apps may only work with WiFi. So ensure you check on this when getting the app. Some popular garage door systems are Gogomate, MyQ Smart Garage control, and GarageMate. These openers are between $50 to $100. They are all compatible with Android and Apple.

  • Installation 

The system’s installation process differs. But they all have these basic steps:

1. Connect your device to the garage door opener: Follow the instructions to connect the wires. Then plug the system into electricity. 

2. Configuration: This will depend on the actual smart garage opener. They also come with a how-to guide. Or you’ll find tutorials on YouTube on how to install them.

3. Download the smart app: Download the app associated with the system you bought. Ensure you get the right app. 

4. Configure the app: Check the user’s manual for instructions for configuring the app. It can also be on the internet.

Once you complete these steps, you can use your phone or smart devices as garage door openers. Once the device is connected to the garage door, you can lock and unlock the phone. You can monitor activities around the garage when you’re far away. 

Benefits of using your phone as a garage door opener

Connecting your garage door to your phone has some important benefits. The most obvious ones are:

  • Convenience 

Unlocking the garage door is made easier when connected to your phone. The feature also allows you remotely lock and unlock the door. So when you are far away and you need someone to go into the garage, you can unlock the door from wherever you are.

  • Security

The system also allows you to monitor activities around the area when far away. You can lock the door remotely if you forget to do so when leaving, turn the lights off and on, and others.