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The Story of Abraham

The story of Abraham is one of the most enduring in all of the Bible. Its complexities are not only fascinating, but also a testament to his faith. He trusted God in the middle of his life struggles. In the end, he was rewarded with a great wealth, a mighty nation, and an unbreakable covenant.

Although Abraham’s life is sometimes described as a tad stale, his faith in God still shines through. When he first sets foot on Canaan, he is 75 years old. He had no children of his own, but the Lord made good on his promise that he would have a son. A few decades later, he is rewarded with a legitimate son. But his love for his son Ishmael waned, and Abraham sent him to a distant country with only his wife and a donkey for company.

This was a far cry from the days when Abram waited for his son Isaac to be born. He and his wife Sarai are still childless. Sarah, however, is told that she will give birth to a son at the ripe old age of ninety. She laughs it off. And she is not even pregnant!

Having the first heir entails the promise of a land. Whether or not the promised land is real remains unclear. Nevertheless, the story of Abraham tells us that God will give a special blessing to those who follow him.

The story of Abraham also tells us that God is not only a benevolent dictator, but an omniscient savior. Abraham has seen a ram caught in a thicket by its horns. Despite this, he is not tempted to sacrifice it. On the other hand, he does decide to take Sarah to Canaan to be his wife.

At the time, Abraham’s faith was not particularly robust. His choices were limited, and his actions were sometimes counterproductive. Yet, his willingness to follow God in the face of seemingly impossible odds demonstrates the best qualities of a true believer.

The most important aspect of Abraham’s story is that it is an example of how a faithful person can trust God in the middle of their trials and tribulations. Throughout the book of Genesis, we are reminded of God’s faithfulness and fidelity. Eventually, Abraham and his family are able to move on to a more prosperous life in a new land.

Another thing the book of Genesis tells us is that Abraham’s faith was more than a simple belief in a god; it was a matter of putting his trust in the Lord. Indeed, Abraham’s decision to sacrifice his son was a true test of his faith in God. Even though God is absent from the story, it is not a coincidence that the events mentioned in the book are true.

During his wanderings in the desert, Abraham had the opportunity to make the right choice. For instance, he learned the true meaning of the phrase “man that can find”. While it may have been a cliche, it is true that Abraham was not always wise, but he was wise enough to act despite his doubts.